International Conference

Climate Change: Challenges and Responses (IC4R) March 15th - 16th, 2023

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Central Punjab


  • Climate change and national security
  • Impacts of climate change on global economy
  • Climate change and social transformation
  • Impacts of climate change on mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Global initiatives taken for climate change
  • Climate Change and Global Environmental Politics Global Responses to Climate Change
  • Environmental Diplomacy and Climate Justice
  • Climate Hazards and Policymaking
  • Climate Change and SDGs
  • Other related themes



  • Registration Open from 31st December, 2022
  • Registration of Presenters from 15th Feburary, 2023
  • Submission of Abstract: 5th Feburary, 2023
  • Acception of Abstract: 15th Feburary, 2023
  • Submission of Final Paper and Presentation: 05 March, 2023

Note: There ‘ll be no extension in the above-mentioned deadlines

Count Down of
Days to Conference

  • 06 YEARS

Development Goals


Prof Ishtiaq Ahmed
Prof Ishtiaq Ahmed (Professor Emeritus Stockholm University Sweden)
Prof Bilveer Singh
Prof Bilveer Singh (Deputy Head of Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore)
Aisha Khan
Aisha Khan Executive Director Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change
Mr. Ahmed Nazir Warraich
Mr. Ahmed Nazir Warraich (Dean, National School of Public Policy Lahore)
Ambassador Nadeem Riyaz
Ambassador Nadeem Riyaz President, Institute of Regional Studies Islamabad
Mr. Ahmed Rafay Alam
Mr. Ahmed Rafay Alam Environmental Lawyer and Activist
Mr. Sohail Ali Naqvi
Mr. Sohail Ali Naqvi Director Freshwater Programme, WWF Pakistan
Mr. Asad Imran
Mr. Asad Imran Director, Food Programme, WWF Pakistan
Dr. Xia 
Dr. Xia  Director, CPEC Research Center, CUG China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China
Dr. Noor Fatima
Dr. Noor Fatima Acting Chairperson International Relations and Political Science International Islamic University Islamabad
Dr. Ambreen Zeb Khaskhelly 
Dr. Ambreen Zeb Khaskhelly  Professor, University of Sindh, Allama I.I. Kazi Campus, Jamshoro
Dr. Sumeera Imran 
Dr. Sumeera Imran  Assistant Professor, National Defence University, Islamabad
Dr. Sabu Thomas 
Dr. Sabu Thomas  Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Calicut
Pallavi Khanna 
Pallavi Khanna  Research Scholar, Department of Economics Jamia Milllia Islamia, India